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     Development Land For Sale

14.5 Acres, West Wendover, Nevada     ID=7049     $All offers considered.
Zoned 12 units per acre, ideal for condo development.  Adjoins the west end of the golf course, 1 mile to the Casinos and Down Town Wendover.  Perfect for future development.
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15 Acres,    Orange Cove      $1,600,000   ID=6736
Pre approved for a total of 240 unit multi unit development in 3 phases.  Plans have been approved for the 1st phase for 81 units on 5 acres.  Water, sewer and ponding basin requirements have been meet.  Water and sewer on both sides of property.
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15.35 Acres,  Porterville     $200,000     ID=7147     SOLD
In city limits, Ready to develop into multi unit apartments.  In 3 legal parcels, buy one or all. Located on N. Main St.  15 units per net acre, approx 200 to 225 units less than $3,000 per unit.
Contact the City of Porterville for the details.
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22 Acres,     Springville     $300,000     ID=6926
2 legal parcels of 10 and 12 acres.  In process of dividing into 2 acre parcels.  On the up-slope overlooking Lake Success with frontage on Hwy 190.  Will consider all viable offers.
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26.9 Acres, Selma     $3,766,000     ID=6828
Prime development land in the Sphere of Influence of the City of Selma.  Zoned AL-20, however in the Selma community plan with Industrial corridor overlay.  Parcel has frontage on old Hwy in Thompson Seedless grapes with a very livable home.  Competitive price a $3.32 per sq.ft. Ideal for a future major Industrial or a Big Box facility.
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28.4 Acres,  Selma     $2,135,000     ID=6692
Price Change to $526,695   SOLD
Prime future subdivision land, across the street from the city of Selma sphere of influence on Manning Ave.  This is one of the few parcel that is NOT in the Williamson Act.
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30 Lots,  Clovis, California  $4,050,000   ID=6927
30 lots with approved Tentative Map in Clovis in a very prime location.  Final map could be completed in approximately 60 days.  
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33 Lots,  Kingsburg     $1,400,000     ID=6923
Prime Condo or townhouse lots with approved map.
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36  SFL + Rentals,   San Jacinto-Hemet Ca,    $1,195,000     ID =7421
36 SF parcels plus 3 rental homes with approved Tentative map.  In an area surrounded by existing sub divisions with all utilities in place.  Need to complete the development then build out the homes.  Attractive area with growth potential.
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55 Acres,   Parlier     $1,100,000     ID=6727
Extensive frontage on 2 major streets, 4 parcels, 1/2 mile from city sphere of influence, solid 3 bedroom home, presently in tree fruit, drip irrigation system.
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96 Lots,    Bakersfield     $4,800,000     $4,800,000     ID=6783  Returned prarcels to lender
View lots near Rio Bravo close to schools, hospitals, shopping and golf.  Paper lots, in process of final map.  Preliminary cost estimates available.  Access from Hwy 178 near Hwy 184.  This is a prime area with quality homes.
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97 Lots,    Marysville     $1,600,000     ID=6996
Lender owned:  White Cedar is a 19.11 acre site consisting of 15.56 acres of residential and 3.55 acres of commercial zoned land.  It is located three-fourths mile southeast of the City of Marysville on the northeast corner of Avondale Avenue and North Beale Road in the community of Linda in California’s Central Valley.  The property lies easterly of State Highway 70 and south of a Yuba River levee.  It is surrounded to the east by a residential development and to the west the Southern Pacific Railroad.
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119 Lots     Porterville     $799,000     ID=7139     SOLD
37 acres with an approved tentative parcel map for 119 residential lots.  Map expires on 3/4/2013.  Ideal area for entry level or higher level homes.  At the intersection of Main street and Reid Ave.  Can’t beat the price of $6714 per lot.  Possible to assume loan of $639,000 at 3%.
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146 lots, Manteca, CA        $6,000,000     ID= 7409     ISOLD
146 Tentative approval lots in an active development area.  Near the Bass Pro Shop commercial development and the Mansion scheduled to be developed into a Country Club.    Property was in escrow with K&B homes,  Now available with development plans, test and cost estimates to take to the final map.
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173 Lots,     Fresno     $11,245,000     ID=6730

Vesting tentative map for planned development.  Consist of 2 20 acre parcels.  General Plan designates Medium-Low 2.19 to 4.98 units per acre.
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185 Acres,  North Fork / Bass Lake    $600,000   ID=7385
In 5 legal parcels ranging in size from 36 to 38 acres in size.  The land is in the Williamson Act and cannot be further developed.  If and when a building permit is issued for a home, that parcel will be removed from the Williamson Act and only 1 home can be built on the parcel.  Elevations range between 2200 and 2700 feet with frontage on road 200.   Many large meadows, creeks and springs with spectacular mountain views.  Power is along road 200.
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290 Acres     Lake Don Pedro, Tuolumne County     $4,900,000     ID=7025
A spectacular finger ridge which jutted out into Lake Don Pedro with approximately 2 miles of Lake Frontage and unbelievable mountain tops with views of the Sierras, Yosemite and Lake Don Pedro.  EIR and map in process for 10 acre parcels.  Ranch is also suitable for a prime estate home and your horses.  Ranch consists of 3 legal parcels.  The property lines are 15 feet above the high water mark.
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300+ Acres     Mariposa County     $3,500,000     ID=6461
A spectacular property partial zoning for homes, balance ag.  Great location with good highway access
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342 Acres     North Fork, Eastern Madera County     $825,000     ID=7369     SOLD
In 6 legal parcels ranging in size from 36 to 160 acres in size.  The land is in the Williamson Act and cannot be further developed.  If and when a building permit is issued for a home, that parcel will be removed from the Williamson Act and only 1 home can be built on the parcel.  Elevations range between 2200 and 2700 feet with frontage on road 200.   Many large meadows, creeks, springs, ponds and spectacular mountain views.  Power is on the ranch.
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360 Acres     Ahwahnee California     $2,400,000     ID=6824     SOLD
A spectacular ranch with many view sites, valleys, springs, ponds and tentative map approved for 6 parcels.  3 parcels have final map recorded for a total of 9 parcels.  Ideal to keep as a pristine ranch or finish the sub-division.  Presently in the Williamson Act.
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398 Acres     Fresno County - Kings River     $2,900,000   ID=6794

A very unique ranch in 10, 40 acre legal parcels with white paper.  Some have driveways and pads built, most have spectacular view sites.  Ranch has some gentle valleys, many view ridges and some steep areas.  Various springs, 3 wells, livings quarters with solar system, and good roads through the ranch which connects Pine Flat Rd. to Trimmer Springs Rd.  Elevations range from 700 to 1800 feet.
Info, Maps, and Photos

864 Acres,   North Fork, Bass Lake and Yosemite area.  ID=7410    $2,300,000
A spectacular mountain ranch in 12 legal parcels ranging in size from 36 acres to 198 acres all in the Williamson Act for act for low taxes.   Elevation range from 2200 to 2700 feet with large Oak trees and beautiful meadows.  Many seasonal creeks, springs, and 2 wells.

The improvements include 2 homes.  The 2500 sq.ft. home needs to be permitted and a lot of finishing work.  At present it is not occupied.  The 3,000 sq.ft home is a very charming older home with large rooms, 2 car garage and horse barn.  Access is on road 200 just a couple of miles from the town of North Fork.  Bass Lake is a short distance away with access to many camp sites, commercial facilities, restaurants, etc.
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Buyers who are interested in purchasing land in the Williamson Act should review AB1492 and
check with the County where the property is located to determine what they can or cannot do
with the property.

Williamson Act Info and new Legislation including info on AB 1492

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