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119 Paper Lots
Porterville, California

Description:  ID# 7139   SOLD
37 acres with an approved tentative parcel map for 119 residential lots.  Map expires on 3/4/2013.  Ideal area for entry level or higher level homes.  At the intersection of Main street and Reid Ave.  Can’t beat the price of $6714 per lot.  Possible to assume loan of $639,000 at 3%.
Porterville is in the Citrus Ag belt and at the base of the Sequoia National Forest with many recreation facilities.

Google Map Location
City of Porterville Info
Porterville Amenities
Porterville College
Tule River Info
Balch Park, Sequoia National Forest

Development Documents:
Estimated Construction Cost
Estimated Master Plan Improvements

Tentative Map has been extended to 3/4/2013

Asking Price:  $990.000
Major Price Change for a quick sale

See the following Maps, Pictures and Information

Looking at the land from Main Street

Looking a Main Street from the upper portions of the land

Looking a Main Street from the upper portions of the land

Looking at the City from the upper portions of the land

Sub Division Map

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