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Tenant in Common Interest in

Income Properties

ID# 6310
What is a Tenant-In-Common?
A Tenancy-In-Common (TIC) program allows multiple owners to own the same property as tenants-in-common. Each owner has the same rights as a single owner. This structure allows multiple exchangers the flexibility to purchase the exact dollar amount of each chosen property needed to comply with their exchange requirements. The TIC replacement property provides a bridge to institutional quality real estate for all 1031 exchangers and/or other investors by combining the capital from multiple investors.


Is to provide investors with both equity appreciation and monthly cash distributions through the equity ownership of commercial real estate.  The opportunity to acquire commercial real estate with the potential for both current and future returns on your investments.

Provide Real Estate Professionals and Property Owners with a broad range of real estate investment options, with a focus on 1031 exchange replacement properties.


*  Ready Inventory of Tenant-In-Common Properties
*  Ready Inventory of Single Owner Properties
*  National companies with strong historical performance
*  Diversification by property type, location, tenant and industry
*  Competitive current cash flow (average 6 to 8%), paid monthly
*  Ability to leverage up and accommodate any size investment
*  Own passive property - no active management obligations
*  "Back-up" on 1031 ID sheet, in case other properties fall through

Advantages of Tenant In-Common in a 1031 Exchange

*  Guaranteed Replacement Property
*  "Odd Lot"  Tax Savings (reinvest a partial interest)
*  Debt Assumption flexibility
*  Experienced Professional Management with a Shared Profit Incentive
*  Current Cash Flow
*  Capital Appreciation Potential


Preferred minimum transaction is $200,000
Accredited investors with a minimum of $1,000,000 net worth.

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